Saturday, November 26, 2011

And... The Second Proof Copy Is Now Ordered

After two weeks of scraping little bits of time to hunt out all the little spacing errors left over from formatting issues in the book, I finally submitted a new PDF of Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire to create space.  They approved it this morning, with this odd little note that the type face on the spine was too large.  I find this odd indeed, as I didn't do anything to the cover PDF and didn't even resubmit it.  If the cover was okay last time and the number of pages in the book has not changed, why is the spine size different this time???  Weird.
At any rate, I have now ordered a second proof copy, which I hope will be error-free so that I can soon actually have the POD up for sale.
What's my next step?  As soon as I get a minute this week, I'll be off to my favorite silk screen printing company to talk to them about t-shirts and bookmarks and buttons (oh my!).  At that point, we can start a few contests, both at school and here on the blog.  (Oh, and goodreads, too.  I can give away a copy on goodreads.  That seems to be a pretty popular way to get word out about books.)


  1. And again, congratulations and good luck to you!

  2. Good luck with that.

    Does create space allow for individual copies? I'm not up on the POD thing (in case you hadn't guessed)

  3. You might want to double check with them on that. They might have made an error which could be a BIG deal.

    Good luck!

  4. This is my first time stopping in but I adore your banner!! It is so magical! I want to stare off my balcony with a cup of hot cider in hand and take it all in!

    Okay, on to the post. Holy pancake this is awesome! I love the title of your book. I'm so freaking intrigued I'm hoping you iron it all out soon because I'd love to read a copy! I love finding new authors and new books!

  5. Stina, That's what the proof copies are for! I'll know as soon as this new one arrives. The cover on the first one looked great, so if they haven't changed anything, it should be just fine.

    Martin, the whole point of POD is that they print only what's ordered: one copy or a thousand. Nothing sits around unused in a warehouse. So, for a book launch where you wanted to sell the books yourself, you'd buy whatever you wanted -- 20 or so -- at the author's price, then sell them to your customers at the real price. Those not at the launch would order the books online from whatever establishment you used. ( I'm using createspace, but smashwords and lulu are very popular as well.)

  6. Jen,
    Thanks. I assume you read the photo credits so you know what the photo is??? It's one of my favorite views of Edinburgh. I used to hike up the crags all the time just to see the city from there.
    Did you click on the tab to read about the book? And please keep dropping by. I hope to have the POD up for sale soon.