Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Bit Of Irony

Earlier this week I read a blogpost by someone giving advice to aspiring writers on how to use better verb choices.  The post ended with this:

And there's always revisions.

Um.  Sorry, but I don't take writing advice on verbs from someone who doesn't know the basics of subject/verb congruency or who doesn't proofread her own posts, especially when she's mentioning revision.
The post did, however, give me a good laugh for the morning.


  1. That are why I always read mine posts at least two time after I post it.
    I probably still make mistakes, but then again I'm not giving advice on the use of words. I love how you catch these things that, to be honest, I probably wouldn't even notice.

  2. Yes, but if you posted about something mathematical and then screwed up on your posted equations, it would be the same thing. Really, she was posting about the best use of verbs and then publicly messed up on a simple thing. It wouldn't have been as funny if it were a typo in a normal post about something else.