Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day In The 21st Century

I stepped out onto the porch a few minutes ago to watch the fireworks, as I can see most of the displays in the valley pretty well -- except for the trees in the way.
This is an old habit for me, but tonight my eye was drawn to a strange green dot of light atop the neighbor's house.
Strange.  Must be a reflection of something.
I watched fireworks for a few more minutes, and then realized that the green dot was gone and there was now a blue glow on the neighbor's roof.  It took me two full seconds to comprehend what I was seeing.
New neighbor = new traditions.  He was on his roof.  With an iPad.  Filming the fireworks.
I smiled.
He sat upright, and I could see everything on his screen while I watched it take place behind him in real time.
Somewhere, he's posting it on youtube right now, I betcha.

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