Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Steampunk, Deseret, And Chocolate

I just finished my first plot summary/outline for my next WIP.  It has no title yet -- which is odd for me, as I usually have a title thought up at the very beginning of a tale -- but it does involve the State of Deseret (which in reality only existed for a couple of years before the US government carved it up and took over), Steampunk (just a bit, but enough), alchemy, a mad scientist, a love pentacle (because I'm sick of love triangles), a hint of mysticism, and a chocolate smuggler.
Does that catch anyone's interest?


  1. Sounds good to me. Don't worry about the title - I don't think of mine until near the end or afterwards. I do wish I wasn't quite so bad at coming up with them, though.

  2. Chocolate smuggling? That's an interesting concept.

  3. It actually sounds like an awesome idea, and definitely something different. It's so hard to find original ideas in books.

  4. Heidi left a comment on Goodreads:

    Definitely. I like the love pentacle and chocolate smuggler. :)