Monday, September 3, 2012

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game #30

Carmi's has this week's theme up on Written Inc.  It's "weathered and worn."
Here on my blog, of course, we do more than just post a related photo.  I choose one to fit Carmi's theme, then I add a title and a single line of flash fiction to go with the photo.  Then you get to add your own titles and lines in the comments section.
Here's last week's, if you need a sample.

"Weathered and worn" strikes me as an easy theme, and here's one of my favorite photos to fit with it:

Title: The Mists of Time
Single line: It was the same boat he'd tied to the dock the night before, surely!  But it looked as though half a century had passed since then.

Your turn!  Choose a genre: horror, romance, sci-fi, mystery -- whatever you like.  Then add a title and a single line to go with this photo.
(You don't have to call yourself a writer to play.  Just do it.)


  1. Title: October Food

    Every October 31st, at dawn, the boat floats out without rippling the water. The decayed captain hovers ashore, claims a busty brunette, brings her back to his mossy home, and feeds on screaming flesh until the next Halloween.

  2. Hm, hit "Publish" too soon. I wanted to say this is a great idea ;-)

    1. Thanks! Feel free to go back to older games and add your comments on those, too, if you'd like. It's never too late.

  3. Ghost Ship

    The morning sky weighed heavy with unbroken clouds, and thick fog drifted like barges across the sky, it was hard to imagine the captain and his entire crew had vanished. All that remained was a this strange slippery green slime and a frazzled hair-like creature at the wheel.

  4. Relic

    He stood on the shore looking at what once was a hard-working river tug and thought: "Here we are, two old relics washed up useless on the shore."

  5. The young couple said to each other, "This is a great fixer-upper...We'll fish for our supper!"

  6. Fixer-Upper

    Yeah, just a little pumping, cleaning, welding, sealing and an engine overhaul and she'll be good as new.

  7. A cool shot - I can almost hear the wood creaking, the water lapping ...

  8. Ashore

    The captain should really have seen the warning poles before his ship stuck fast.

  9. Out of the Mist...

    rode the ancient vessel...silently cutting through the glass-like water...turning this way and that...leaving no wake behind. it docked. tied to the pillars. waiting 'til dusk, waiting for the moon. waiting for the precise moment to return into the mist once again.


    aaaah, what a great picture this is!! i can see why it's one of your favorites!!

    1. Thanks, Laura.
      It's not color-enhanced, either. The only "fiddling" I did with it was to crop and put the matte around it.

  10. Forgotten

    Its value no longer needed, its life used up, it sat ignored by a world too focused on the next big thing to notice - or say thank you to - those who had built that world in the first place.