Monday, September 24, 2012

Update on Half-Vampire Family

The Amazon page is up for the POD (that's "print on demand" for all those of you non-literati) of All in the Half-Vampire Family, but there's no book cover image as I type.  Nevertheless, you can check it out here.  (Don't forget to click the "like" button if you have an Amazon account!)
I've put the book onto Goodreads, so you can check out that page here.  (And add it to your TBR list!!)
I've put the Amazon link onto my "Books" page (see the tab at the top of this blog) and in the sidebar.  I also published the book on Kindle as of tonight, but it's still "in review," so I can't link to it yet.  Perhaps by tomorrow.
The prices?  POD = $9.99 in the US.  Kindle = $2.99 in the US.  All other prices are set to vary according to the rise and fall of currency rates.

UPDATE 9:18 PM: Brigid Kemmerer got me in the Apocalypsies!  Click here.

(PS.  I'm sorry if this seems rather sparse and cursory tonight, but a very close family friend passed away today.  It was not unexpected, as he was well into his 80s and had been slowly weakening for a couple of years, but it still made me cry for an hour or so, and I am rather subdued about everything at the moment -- even my own book.)


  1. Heidi commented on Goodreads:

    Just bought the Kindle version and can't wait to read it!!!

    I'm sorry for your loss, even the expected ones are hard. :(

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  2. That's exciting about all the new directions your books are headed!
    I am sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. I think it is especially hard to lose people who have been part of your life for so long.