Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Odd Thoughts For A Wednesday

My regular readers may remember that I had two surgeries this summer, the first of which was a right parotidectomy to remove a tumor growing on my jaw.  (It was the size of a grape.)
Well, the surgeon did a fine job, and I've had no paralysis, but the numbness is still there (caused by his having to work right over the facial nerve).  It's not really a big problem, but it's odd sometimes.
For example, I have a heck of a time putting in an earring on that side now, for I can't feel when I get the post into the hole.  Very strange.
And even worse is when my ear itches.  This is likely caused by healing nerves, but it's awful to have an itch and not be able to relieve it by scratching.  Yes, I can scratch the skin, but I can't FEEL that I'm scratching it, so the itch often remains.  Argh!
Oh well.  Life could be much worse.  :)


  1. okay...did my comment make it thru?

    I neither got the validation screen, nor the moderation screen, and it didn't show up

    Blogger was a long message...I don't want to retype

  2. I can't imagine not being able to scratch an itch. Will you ever get that feeling back?

    1. Oh, I can scratch it; it just doesn't do any good!
      Yes, supposedly, I'll get the feeling back at some undefined point in the future. But, if not, I can live with it; it's not the end of the world.

  3. I know sort of what you mean. I have nerve damage from having my wisdom teeth out. So sometimes I can't feel half of my lower lip and if I can feel anything it tingles like it is asleep. Soooo annoying. My nerve damage is permanant, sure hope yours is not.