Saturday, October 27, 2012

I've Started A Readers' Gallery

And here's the first photo!
This is Max-created.  As many of you know, Max is boy-wonder when it comes to a camera, and he has taken two photos of himself, playing with the light and dark shirts and the light and dark book covers, to show himself doubly engrossed in my books.  (Perhaps he will share his pic secrets in the comments section.)
At any rate, I am now accepting (requesting, even!) photos of my readers (no one under 18 unless they appear with a parent -- for legal reasons, sorry) to add to my gallery.  If you'd like to appear, get someone to take a photo of you where my book cover shows (putting the book cover on an e-reader, iPad, or laptop is fine, as long as you're showing us the cover), and send me the jpg file.  Feel free to photoshop it -- put yourself reading Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire in front of Dracula's castle or reading All in the Half-Vampire Family next to Bela Lugosi, if you like.  :D (If you already have my e-mail address, awesome.  If not, there's a "contact me" tab at the top of this blog that gives you instructions on how to contact me without putting your info up for all to see.  You may also tweet me a photo @lisamshafer if you use instagram or one of the others.)  I will then add it to my gallery.
If you just want to see the gallery, click the tab at the top of the blog.  Or you can just click here.


  1. Hey, who is those two handsome guys in that picture?
    It's really an easy picture to do, all you need is a camera (with a timer or friend to snap the shots), a tripod and photo editing software that has layers.
    With the camera on the tripod, so the background will be pretty much the same in both pictures, take the two (or three or four) pictures.
    In the photo editing software (I use Macromedia Fireworks):
    1. put the pictures one on top of the other as two (or more) separate layers.
    2. change the opacity of the top picture to about 50% and then move it around until backgrounds match as exactly as possible.
    3. erase enough of the top layer to let the part of the bottom layer you want to see show through and then set the opacity of the top layer back to 100%
    4. if necessary, erase more of the top layer until the seam between the two layers is virtually unnoticeable.
    5. export, or save, it as a jpeg, which will flatten the two (or more) layers into one.
    Voila, you've got your own identical twin.

  2. Yes! Who are those handsome face-in-a great-book dudes? I bet they each own a darling matching cat!

    1. I believe, though, that it's the cats who own him/them. :D

  3. So that's how Max did it. Very cool. I'm going to have to try it. :D

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