Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soon, My Pretties, Soon There Will Be A New Cover

This is the WIP cover for my novella, The (Dis)Appearance of Nerissa MacKay.
I love this idea, but I can't make it work on a vertical book cover.
Fixing this problem has been in the back of my mind for months now, and today, what I think/hope will be the solution dawned on me.
Max has agreed to help.
The new cover will involve iridescent royal blue taffeta.  And Flamenco shoes.  And a tiara.
Oh, and an iPod.  The iPod is extremely important.
Unfortunately, my only tiara doesn't match my iPod too well.  (And I doubt that Max has a tiara.)
Soon, my lovelies.  Soon.


  1. Is this an ebook? And where can I see it? (=

    1. It will be an e-book and a POD. Right now it's still in 1st draft form. My desire to have a "real" cover so soon is because I want to print up a few proof copies to give my creative writing class a chance to participate in/learn about the revision process. I'm going to let them mark up proof copies with their comments.

  2. Tiara? Heck, I have several of them. Just tell me what color you want and I'll get it out of the safety deposit box.

    1. Well, something that goes with royal blue..... ;)

  3. Cool! And ... It reminded me I forgot about the book cover favor. :(. I will write it down now so I don't forget again.