Saturday, November 10, 2012

Got Snow?

We do.  Nearly a foot at my house -- all in 24 hours.  Bet the ski resorts are filled with happy people.
I dislike shoveling snow, and I loathe driving in it (because of the other drivers, all of whom seem to forget from year to year how to drive in the stuff), but it is beautiful.  And, of course, enough of this stuff in the mountains will prevent us from a drought year.  That would be good.
Due to the school play this week, I hadn't been home in daylight since last weekend (when it was all nice and dry and warm).  Thus, this morning, after hooking a rake to large tree branches in my backyard and shaking off frozen snow that was forcing large limbs to the ground, and after shoveling my driveway, my sidewalks, and helping two neighbors with their own trees, I got to turn off my sprinkling system.
Let me just say that 10 inches of snow (we've had more since) makes for less than ideal conditions in which to perform a job that requires lying on one's belly with a long sprinkler key in one hand and a flashlight in the other.
Oh well.  It's done now.
After that, it was housework!  Such excitement.
And now it's time to grade papers.  More excitement.
I know you're all jealous of the thrilling life I lead.


  1. Absolutely I am! :)

    But, please don't send any of that white stuff this way. Do I dare mention we had a high of 72 degrees today? In lovely Minnesota! I know, it's a good chance winter could arrive tomorrow after that bit of warmth.

  2. Hands down my most favorite thing about living in the South is the lack of white stuff.

  3. It's been snowing on and off all night, I've got well over a foot by now. Bleah! Gotta get me a 4-wheel drive again, I have a long driveway and hate shoveling.