Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Safe Use Of Mugs

Yesterday, I received as a thank-you gift a mug from the Unemployed Philosophers' Guild.

Since it's a Shakespearean insult mug, it was obviously well-chosen for me.  But I especially enjoyed the "help" that went with it.
On the bottom of the mug is a note that reads, "For best results, use other side."  How very helpful.  :)

And then there was a paper tucked into the mug that offered a URL for this instructional video on mug use.

This is especially hilarious to those of us old enough to remember science films from decades past.  :)
If you have a moment, do watch the video; you'll be much more careful in your future use of mugs, be they Shakespearean or not.


  1. Great video! My favorite, though, were the insults on the mug -- what I could read of them. Vituperative and original.