Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Local Author, Indie Bookstore: Michelle Davidson Argyle Reads From Bonded At The King's English

Here's where I was tonight:

Michelle Davidson Argyle read from her latest book, a 3-pack of novellas called Bonded.

The book contains her previously self-published novella Cinders (notice the cover model is the same woman as the one who appears with Michelle in the top photo),

which is a sequel to Cinderella.  Also included are Thirds, a retelling of One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes, and Scales, which is a prequel to the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty (wherein Malificent the fairy turns into a dragon).
Michelle has stated that she extensively revised Cinders, so I am anxious to compare the two versions.

Tonight I bought Bonded at The King's English in Salt Lake, and Michelle signed my copy.  It was fun to meet her after only knowing her as a cyber entity for several years.

(Sorry this is a choppy and unlyrical post tonight; I'm very short on sleep, and it's the school play this week, so my hours for the next two nights will be long.)


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself.

    Good luck with the school play, they can be really hard.

  2. Lisa, thank you for this post, and the picture! It was really fantastic to meet you. So glad you came! I'd love to do lunch sometime soon before it starts snowing all the time and I'm too scared to drive. :)