Friday, July 12, 2013

Sharing The Humor

A few weeks ago, I got a tweet with a link in it to a buzz feed article about a hilarious Pinterest board.
(*pauses for a moment to reflect on how very meaningless that sentence would've been a decade ago*)

Blogger and would-be author Tiffany Beveridge is on Pinterest, like hundreds of thousands of other women (and some guys, too!).
She has a board about her imaginary, well-dressed toddler, Quinoa.  (Yes, she misuses the word "toddler," but the board is wonderful anyway.)  Here, she uses ridiculous fashion shots of children wearing clothes so expensive that their cost would feed an entire third-world family for months and makes fun of the pics to create character development for this fictional child.  What truly gives me warm fuzzies are the names she uses for the children: Quinoa, her BFF Chevron, Humboldt.  Hilarious.
Here, let me give you a sample or two:

She has captioned this picture thusly:

One time when Quinoa and I got separated in a busy train station, she thankfully remembered our safety training: stay in one place, look spectacular, and don't talk to poor people.

Isn't that great?
Here's another:
Quinoa and her BFF Chevron prepared a class presentation on The Captain and Tennille for Famous Person's Day.

And my favorite:

Sometimes when Quinoa is particularly well-dressed, she begins to levitate.

Go check out her board -- and laugh!


  1. So funny! Off to take a look at her board....

  2. Funny stuff. I'll have to check it out.

  3. Oh, man! That's funny stuff. Inspiration can truly come from any source.

    Thanks for finding my blog! I left a Shout-Out for you today. :)