Saturday, December 21, 2013

Becoming Brigid Book Reviews

I just thought I'd share what a few readers are saying about Becoming Brigid.

 From a girl named Hannah, who won my goodreads giveaway:

This book was very funny and unique. This book had a lot of flavor. I was literally laughing out loud so much while reading this. I really got into the story and had trouble putting the book down. I didn't find all of the characters very likable, but I liked the character development in the main character. I didn't feel like any of the other characters developed a lot, though. I can't wait to read the other books that this author has written.

She also posted this comment when she was only just starting the book:
""Constellations of freckles" I just love that. I'm already so into this book."

And Mary had this to say about it:

The first few pages of this story sound like it might be a ghost story, but it isn't. Pepper is a normal teenage girl, with a dash of spice. While she tries to ignore the incident with the "ghost", she goes to school, dreams about romance, and hangs out with her friends. One of her good friends is a 14 year old boy, and it's partly because of that friendship that she finds herself on a cliff by the sea, alone, hanging to a chain while she climbs. And that's where she begins to find answers to her "ghost" sightings.

Pepper is strong and smart. She is confident, yet insecure, intelligent but not nerdy, empowered, but not bratty. She dreams about romance, but is mostly realistic. And she can take care of herself: she gets caught using a cell phone in class but doesn't get in trouble, fends off the unwanted affections of a strange man, and stands up to a boy in her class, the self-proclaimed morality defender, Zane.

I especially love the connections to Ireland and Scotland. I can picture the cliffs by the sea, the stone pillars, and the caves. I can almost hear the strange dialects of the people, and I am delighted to learn of the hidden connections between modern life and literature, and their ancient traditions.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is 15 or older. Girls will identify with Pepper, but I think boys would enjoy the spooky adventure, the mysterious man, and Pepper's friend / neighbor who lives in a mortuary. In fact, I'm going to recommend it to my husband. He will be pleasantly surprised that the story is wholesome, fun, and not predictable.

Also, Heidi said this:

I stayed up way too late last night because I had to finish this book. I found myself amused and entertained throughout the entire story. 

I found myself amused at Pepper's plan for her future life at the beginning of the story. Perfect husband, perfect children who never throw temper tantrums in public (or at all), perfect mommy blogger. Watching her be annoyed by real children (my kids will NEVER do that) was funny. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for reality to set in and her view of the world, and her future, changed.

Most of the characters were easy to love or hate as appropriate. Pepper was fun to follow through the story and DC is just plain cute. Zane instantly set my nerves on edge. How many "holier than thou" types do we know in life? Dougal I spent the entire book trying to decide if I liked him or not and never quite decided. I'd feel bad except that Pepper felt the same way. :)

I liked how Pepper handled herself in the rough situations. When she was placed in a romantic situation she made it clear where she stood on that and didn't back down. When she was placed in situations where she was being demeaned or victimized she took care of things.

This is a fun book appropriate for a YA audience. I highly recommend it.

Have they convinced you to read it?  You can find the book right here. :D

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