Monday, December 30, 2013

Hey, What's Happening?

I didn't really plan on taking a blog holiday over winter break, but it seems to have happened.  Really, there just hasn't been much about which for me to post.
I've been typing away at a good rate on the first draft of The Chocolate Smuggler's Notebook, cleaning the house, grading a bit, spending time with family, exercising, getting enough sleep for a change, finding ways to promote Becoming Brigid, trying to make some big decisions about life after  30 years of teaching (coming up all too soon, folks!), and helping another author with a still-super-secret chunk of research.  (I think it's OK to tell you that this involves an American author who is creating an American character who moves to Edinburgh, Scotland.  Since I'm an American who once lived in Scotland, the author is seeking my input.  It's been really fun so far.)
And that's really about it.
This is why I haven't blogged; I didn't want to put you all to sleep.  :)
Coming soon, however, is my annual list of what I read this year.  This always amuses at least a few of you.

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