Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Tweet Made The Tribune

So, last night came the news that Utah's polygamy ban is unconstitutional, and polygamy is now decriminalized.  I am not pleased.
I've been thinking for months now that I ought to do a post on why gay marriage doesn't bother me but polygamy does, and now I know I'm going to have to do that.  But last night I merely posted my thoughts in 140-character spurts on Twitter.
For good or for ill, a couple of Salt Lake Tribune reporters, who were clearly trying to make this news into some kind of marriage victory instead of a huge slap in the face for women's rights that it is -- not to mention the kinds of problems it will create for taxpayers and the school system -- picked up on one of my tweets and used it in their slide show article for the online Tribune.  I could not help but notice that they carefully chose a tweet that didn't show any real negativity at all.
At any rate, here's my 15 minutes of Twitter/Tribune fame for the morning:

I guess I'd feel better about it if it were ever truly polygamy (where gals have multiple husbands as well), rather than just polygyny.