Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Things That Never Happened When I Began Teaching School Years Ago

1)  "Ms. Shafer, can I just take a picture of the assignment instructions?  I don't want to write all that down."
2) Instead of carrying a compact mirror or using the restroom mirror, girls pull out their phones and use the selfie function on the camera to check their make up.


  1. Yup. I actually thought it a good idea when kids took photos of the notes on the whiteboard because they hadn't finished them - I did it too sometimes when we hadn't finished the topic, or when the stuff on the wb was all of their great feedback during discussions.

  2. :) I thought my TA was videoing me this morning. Turns out he was just checking his hair for the Wrestling group photo for the yearbook.

  3. We didn't have calculators, let alone phones. If I recall, there were only four phones in the whole school.

    We had to write quickly, which didn't always mean carefully.