Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Readers' Opinions Requested

I haven't been blogging much because I've been working on the two Nerissa novellas.  The (Dis)Appearance of Nerissa MacKay is awaiting what I hope will be the final edit.  Soon I will be asking you to volunteer for a cover reveal. :)  And I really, really wanted to get the first draft (the hardest part) of Nerissa MacKay and the Mystery of the Seventeen Scrolls finished before school began.  Well, that didn't happen, as school starts tomorrow, and I'm about 2/3 the way finished.  Maybe I can get the draft done before Labor Day.
Anyway, I'm stuck, and I'm hoping some blog readers will give me an idea or two.
So, if you had stolen an automaton (life-size), where would you hide it?  Oh, you're a locksmith, so you might have all kinds of keys to get into places.
Seriously, where?
I'd love to have your ideas.  Don't worry if you're not a writer; just tell me the first thing that comes to your mind.


  1. Why not a public place, where it would be common to see while blending in quite naturally. Particularly where nobody would question it being there. A 24 hour, busy place, like an airport? Hidden in plain sight.

  2. I'd integrate it into the kitchen counter. Roby would have a can opener and food processor...of course.

  3. Hide it in plain sight - Disguise it as a clothing tree in a messy room and hang clothes, coats, backpacks, scarves, pants, etc all over it. LOL You said the first thought. The second thought probably wouldn't work but here it goes anyway, A few years ago, people started putting mannequins in the front passenger seat of their automobiles and driving in the commuter (2+ people only lanes) on the highway. LOL Anyway maybe one of these will be the kick in your muse's butt to have a good idea.

  4. Food for thought. Thanks so much, everyone!

  5. From Twitter:

    Brigid Kemmerer ‏@BrigidKemmerer 8m8 minutes ago
    @lisamshafer Backyard shed. Basement. Back of my minivan.

  6. From Twitter:
    patrick huss ‏@patrickhuss 10m10 minutes ago
    Operating under the best hiding place is in plain sight philosophy @lisamshafer disguised as mannequin in store display

  7. Liz Rozanski ‏@LizRozanski 8m8 minutes ago
    @lisamshafer scarecrow in the garden, behind a library stack, disguise it as a lamp. #hideinplainsight

  8. Just want you all to know that al of your comments -- modified, of course, and with different twitter usernames -- have been put into my rough draft. And one of them is going to be the actual hiding place of the automaton!
    Thanks for all your help, everyone!

    1. Very cool, I'm guessing the kitchen counter in plain sight? :)
      I can't wait to see the results.