Sunday, August 23, 2015

Writing Update! Good News!

I'm in a great mood right now.  I just finished the first draft of the sequel to The (Dis)Appearance of Nerissa MacKay!  Yes, yes, it's very rough and all, but writing the first draft is the hardest part, so I can now start the revision process, which is more fun.
I also took a bunch of snaps today with which to make possible covers for this new sequel.
Earlier I announced a title for this novella, but I'm changing it slightly.  The new title is..... *insert drum roll*  Nerissa MacKay and the Secrets of the Seventeen Scrolls.  This title works a good deal better with the plot.  Plus, I like the alliteration.  (What can I say?  I'm an English teacher.)
Now that I've finished the rough draft of Scrolls, I plan to read through (Dis)Appearance and Scrolls back-to-back, working out any little kinks in the former and doing a first big revision to the latter.
After that, I'll be ready to publish (Dis)Appearance!  This should be in September or October at the very latest.
My remaining news is that an idea for the third book in the series plopped into my head a couple of days ago.  I have no clue for a title yet, but the 3rd novella should involve the return of Grandma Maggie, a trip to the Shakespeare Festival, and possibly a kidnapped actor.  Or maybe mysteriously changing props.  Or a crazed audience member who believes he's time-traveled.  (Yeah, I thought of that just now.  But I kind of like it.  What do you think?)  Hmmm... *goes off to grab notebook*
*Five minutes later*
Seriously, I just paused there and sketched out the skeletal outline of that time-traveler plot.  Boom!  And I actually thought of it while blogging.  Weird.
Let's try out some titles:
Nerissa MacKay and the Time-Traveler.
Nerissa MacKay and the Time-Traveling Scandal.
Nerissa MacKay Has The Time Of Her Life.

Uh... none of those are thrilling me.  Suggestions?

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  1. The first draft is a milestone. I really need to get busy on mine.