Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Independent Bookstore Has Agreed To Carry My Indie Book!!

Frost's Books -- I've shopped there since I used to go in holding Mommy's hand and look at the pop-up books.
It's still a family business, and the current owner is Richard Frost, who's long been high up on my list of favorite people with whom to gab about books.  Over the years, I've recommended many, many books to him.
Today I was in to buy 2012 calendars for my home and classroom.  (Frost's always has a HUGE selection of inexpensive calendars. I always buy my calendars there.)  And I decided to test the waters about my book.  To my great delight, Richard immediately said, "We'll support you!" and agreed to try selling a couple of copies of Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire, as soon as I can get the POD out.
I am not at all surprised, for Richard told me years ago he'd sell my books if I could ever get them published.  But I am still very pleased.
Happy thoughts for today: I'll have my book for sale in at least one brick and mortar store!


  1. That's awesome! Way awesome, Not only will you be online, but some people just wandering into a good old bookstore are going to pick it up. That's just great, quite happy for ya.

  2. Thanks!
    I'd be even more excited if I could actually get this whole POD thing working. It's been MONTHS now!

  3. Yeah, but it IS progressing, granted slowly, but at least it's not just sitting on the back shelf, eh?

  4. Yes, I hope to have it up for sale by the first of next month. (fingers crossed)

  5. That's why we need indie bookstores. Maybe they will get the breaks now that the big stores are going out of fashion and closing.

  6. Martin, we still have at least 3 independent books stores open in Salt Lake, and all are several decades old.
    One I miss, The Waking Owl Book Company, went out of business years and years ago. I generally shop at either Frost's or The King's English. Rarely do I venture into a chain bookstore, such as Barnes and Nobel. If I'm going to go with a big chain store, I just do Amazon and save myself the gas and parking.
    Michael, Thanks. :)