Thursday, December 15, 2011

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game #4

This week I've been having fun setting up a game with photo captions and single line stories.  Not too many of you have tried participating yet, but I'm still hoping you'll join in.
Here are the ones from Monday, and from Tuesday, and from yesterday.
And here's today's:

Title: An Afternoon In The Woods
Single Line:  Robert stared longingly at the old cabin.  Something about the KEEP OUT sign just beckoned to him.

Your turn:  Create a title and a single line to hint at a story for this photo and share it with us in the comments.  (Please?)


  1. Title - Only Memories Remain
    It looks so unassuming nestled among the brambles, but he was born in the back bedroom of that house and his mother is buried beneath the back porch in the shallow grave he dug with a hubcap -- he kept a lock of her hair in his wallet so he would never forget the things she did.

    Not sure where that came from. This is the first time I've tried one of these.

  2. Man, you got me hooked. On writing yet!

    The Old Homestead
    It had been over thirty years, but looking at the old shack Jedediah remembered winter nights huddled by the fire and many dinners of nothing but beans.

  3. I love that you are doing this, Max.

  4. Title: The Woodshack
    Line: It didn't look like much in Autumn, but Harriet had many childhood Christmas memories from the old place.