Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I just attempted to upgrade my Kindle version of Half-Vampire after making NUMEROUS corrections to it and getting it looking sharp on Pages.  I was a bit nervous because every single time I'd done this with Word, I'd had problem after problem after problem.  The first time Max and I tried to upload it, it took us hours to get it looking half-decent.
But Pages is made by Macintosh.  I should've known not to worry.
Pages to ePub: 2 clicks.
ePub to Kindle: 30 seconds to upload.  (Compared to five minutes with Word.  I kid you not.)
Every page I previewed: perfect.  (Okay, granted, I didn't look at the whole thing.  But the paragraph indentations were actually correct this time!)
The new version will be up for sale within 48 hours.

And that's good -- because I just might be in the Salt Lake Tribune within a few days.
Yeah, you read that right.
The two 8th-grade English teachers at our school really like NaNoWriMo for kids, so they have the whole eighth grade participate.  One of the teachers gets really into it, and he's also the guy who did some copy editing for me over the summer.  I've given him tons of pointers on how to get the kids formatting correctly so they don't have to go through what I did to get their books up on kindle.  I've also worked with him on cover stuff and basically taught him how to teach the kids to self-publish.  In return, he's been having his media productions students make a book trailer for me.
Then, after school today, he told me the Tribune is coming out to our school tomorrow to interview him about getting his students to write books, and he wants me to be there, as the example teacher who's written a book for the kids.
If the reporters use it, I might get a free line of local advertising in the newspaper.  How cool is that?
I'm excited.  :)


  1. You have reason to be excited! That is fantastic!!

  2. WOW! Never underestimate the power of the local press. Who knows, it might lead to you becoming the voice of literature for your town.