Monday, December 12, 2011

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game

Remember The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, the Chris Van Allsburg book with one illustration, a title, and one line of a story?  It was haunting, fabulous, intriguing -- and it inspired hundreds of readers to create their own stories.
I have the sudden urge to try something like that -- but I can't draw.
Fine, so I'm going to use photographs.

Here's how we'll play this little writers' game:
I'm going to give you a photo, a title, and a line.  Then, if you care to play the game, you'll add your title and your single line from your own story that might go with the photo (in the comments section).  If even five or six of my regular readers will try this, we could have a fun little list of the shortest flash fiction ever!
Wanna try?

Okay, here's the photo:

Title: "The Accidental Time-Tourist"
"If Great-Grandfather Alonzo could just translate the letter, Max knew he'd be able to put it into binary code, tap it out on the telegraph, and program the steam engine to take him home....."

Okay, your turn.  If you want to play along, create a title and one line for YOUR story for this photo.


  1. Title: Desert Theatre
    Hector's Travelling Theatre Company were stuck on a branch line and not even the telegraph was working.

    I look forward to everyone else having a go too.

  2. Yea! Someone wants to play the game!
    I had 207 visitors yesterday on this blog, and you're the only person (so far) who's commented here.

  3. Another Star is Born
    Roped into this little part in a State Park re-enactment, Max was unaware that there was a Hollywood producer in the audience...

  4. Oh, look, Max; I just roped you into a writing exercise!
    (P.S. I didn't think you could resist this one..... *wink*)

  5. Title: Round the Rough and Rugged Rocks
    Line: Mrs. Hawthorne could no longer resist the urge. "I'm singing in the rain! Just singing . . . "