Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game #2

Yesterday I posted a photo and a writers' game wherein we take a photo and create just the title and one line of the story: very much a mini-flash fiction game.
Out of 209 visitors to the blog, I got two (count them: 2) comments on the game.
I could, of course, give up and assume that means that no one is interested.  But, no, I'm having too much fun picking photos for this, so we're going to do it all week!!!  Yea!
My hope is that perhaps with a little more choice, more of you will get into the spirit of things and try this.
So, here's yesterday's if you want to create a line for that photo.

And here's today's pic:

My title to the mini-story is: In The Graveyard.
My single line from the story is: He froze and looked again.  Was that actually a tear running down the statue's stone cheek, or was it a trick of the light?

Your turn.  In the comments section, please add your title and your single line of the story that goes with it.
(Maybe today we can get THREE entries!!!  Yeehaw!)


  1. Title: An Unusual Artist
    Line: Donna began to wonder if sculpting from the inside was such a good idea after all.

  2. Title: Like a Rock
    Line: "I bet my neck would be stiff, too," Angie thought,"after standing like that for centuries."