Monday, September 10, 2012

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game #31

Every week, Carmi at Written Inc, hosts a themed photo-sharing event.  Most weeks, we  join in here on this blog -- but with a twist.  Carmi picks the theme, I pick a photo, and then we all add our own titles and single lines that match up with the photo.  In other words, it's the shortest of flash fiction ever, and you don't have to call yourself a writer to play.  Simple, right?
Here's an example if you'd like to see one.
This week, Carmi's theme is "angled."  So, here's my photo:

My story title: The Science Project
My single line: Dude, so this is what happens when you cross ragweed with a preying mantis and feed it steroids, Bill thought solemnly.

Your turn!  Add your own titles and single lines in the comments section.  I chose sci-fi, but you can choose any genre you like.  Just have some fun with it.

PS You can click on the pic to enlarge it.  And it's really nothing sinister, just a weeping fir of some sort photographed from underneath, against a lovely sky.


  1. Or, this is what happens when you over fertilize and add humidity!.. Great shot Lisa!, I like how its more of a silhouette-. Remember Charlie Brown's xmas tree? bet this is its mother!.

    1. Hey, it does kinda look like that, doesn't it? I hadn't thought of that.

  2. Cool photo, and at first I thought, you stole my idea! Then this came to me-

    What Did The Leafy Seadragon Say To The Seahorse?

    Look out you small and delicious crustanceans, especially the amphipods; because you don't want to mess with us leafies!

    here's a cool youtube video of these charmers

  3. Dustbowl

    "Ah think we're goin' hungry agin tonight."

  4. The magic beanstalk said, "How about using some deodorant next time, Jack?"

  5. 'Give Me a Straight Answer'

    "do these clouds make my leaves look droopy?"

    (i love this shot!!)

  6. Weather Forecast

    Oh no! Not more sun.

  7. The best laid plans...

    I know you said to reach for the sky. Unfortunately, gravity is a law that can't be ignored.

    (Love the shot. It almost presents as a midday silhouette. Very moody and memorable!)