Friday, January 11, 2013

Still Snowing

The snow has not let up  in roughly 30 hours.  The mounds of snow shoveled from people's driveways are now several feet high.  Residential streets -- if they have been plowed at all -- have been narrowed to one lane.
I shoveled snow higher than my knees this morning, then snow above my ankles this afternoon when I got home from school, and another couple of inches had fallen by the time I arrived home after an evening outing.
I noticed a tree in the backyard that really needed to be shaken free of the extra weight, lest it collapse, so I trudged into the yard with a rake.  Afterward, I measured to where the snow came on my pants: just over 2 feet.  That's quite a bit for one storm.


  1. These are the kinds of storms I remember from my childhood in the 80's.

  2. I'll stop complaining about all the rain we've been getting. Much better than snow.

  3. I just measured the snow at my house, just down the hill a little from you. I've got 18" (.46m), and it's still snowing, although very lightly. Quite the storm.