Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On The Urgency Of Christmas Light Removal

So, Monday evening I was just ready to crawl into bed when I heard a good deal of banging and clanging coming from outside.  I went to the window and saw one of my neighbors setting up a ladder against his house.  As I stared, he climbed up and noisily began to dismantle his Christmas lights, which had been up since mid-November.
It was 10:30 PM.
In January in Utah, sunset is about 6:00 PM.
It was also in the single-digit temperatures. Farenheit, not Celsius.
As far as I know, there is no fine imposed upon people who leave their Christmas lights up past Civil Rights Day.  At least, we have not been fined, and our lights are still up -- BECAUSE IT'S TOO FREAKIN' COLD AND THERE'S TOO FREAKIN' MUCH SNOW TO TAKE THEM DOWN RIGHT NOW.
I went to bed anyway, but the noise continued for nearly an hour afterward.
Geez, I sure hope he's happy about getting those lights down.  Maybe his were set to turn back into pumpkins at midnight or something.
I may never know.


  1. My dad once in his much wilder days lived on the ground floor of an apartment building. A famous football team rented the apartment above him. After one too many games over his throbbing head, my dad decided to buy a blow/fog horn and set it off through the vent which led directly to their apartment, (for what seemed like forever) according to dad, and after that they practiced outside!

  2. Wow. Major boot to the head on this one!

  3. I always wonder about that kind of behavior. Getting up on a ladder in the dark is stupid enough, but in the snow, in the bitter cold. All I can think is "DUH!".

  4. Must have been the impending Ice Storm.