Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Awesome Literacy Promotion

Check out this link.  Major coolness is afoot in the UK, with McDonald's restarants' intent to replace the toys in happy meals with BOOKS!  (at least for a while)

McDonald's branches in the United Kingdom will include a book with each Happy Meal sold as part of a promotion called "Happy Readers," starting Wednesday. 

With one book per Happy Meal in the U.K., McDonald's estimates that they will become the largest children's book distributor in the country, with a total of 15 million books handed out by the end of 2014. 

The initiative was inspired by data complied by Britain's National Literacy Trust, which recently revealed that out of a group of 21,000 children, only 50 percent of them said they enjoyed reading "very much" or "a lot." 

For the next five weeks, Happy Meals in the UK will feature non-fiction books from DK Books' Amazing World Series, with categories of Stars and Planets, Big Cats, and Oceans. Children can also redeem a voucher from their Happy Meal if they'd prefer to choose their own book at bookseller WH Smith. 


  1. I like the "choose your own book" option. I've seen books that come in fast food kids' meals. ...

    1. The books listed in the article sound pretty decent, though.