Saturday, August 17, 2013

Every Once In A While.... Reality Checks In

Every once in a while, I laugh at the Pinterest boards of some of my former students.  They pin photos of completely non-accessible guys, like members of One Direction.

I mean, not only is this boy super-famous and surrounded every day by women who want him, he also lives in a foreign country and has a girlfriend to whom he's so ostensibly devoted he had her face (foolishly) tattooed on his arm.
Uh, yeah.  Like these girls even have a chance with him.

Then I remember the pics I tend to pin of good-looking men:

Gene Kelly

John Lennon

Errol Flynn.

They're all dead.

This tends to change my perspective somewhat.


  1. This made me laugh - everyone to their own, Lisa. Errol Flynn?? John Lennon?!?

    But you would probably laugh if I posted pics of my teen crushes - Steve McQueen, Peter O'Toole...

    1. These aren't TEEN crushes; these are men I still think are interesting now. ;) My big teen crush was Shaun Cassidy. Oh, and Errol Flynn died before I was born. My point was that my interesting guys are even less accessible than those of the girls in question.