Sunday, September 29, 2013

Book Trailer: Becoming Brigid

My latest YA novel is now available: Becoming Brigid, a story that deals with Celtic mythology.
As the librarian who did my last book trailer for me had surgery right when I needed to put this together, another English teacher at school volunteered to do it for me.  (He made it a little too slow, I think, but beggars can't be choosers, and I could not have done this alone, so I owe him big time.)

Here 'tis:


Blogger won't let me upload it.
*goes into a corner and sulks*

I'll keep trying.  Until I beat this into submission, maybe you could click on this link and go see it on youtube???  Please?


  1. A little slow, but very mysterious. Best of luck with the newest book!

  2. I've never seen a book trailer on youtube before, so i have nothing to compare. I loved the images of Sego and the Celtic stuff. I was bored when Silver Lake came up -- my mind wandered and I don't know how it was connected to the other things (except I have already read the book, so I remember). And Pepper wasn't mentioned until almost the end. Could we get an image of Brigid? I know it might be difficult to get a pic of Pepper, but if we get a visual that we can connect with Pepper, and if you show that visual at the beginning of the trailer, I think it would capture my attention better.

    1. Yeah, it moves a LOT more slowly than I had intended. No, I can't afford to hire a model for the girl -- and I'd rather leave her up to the reader's imagination anyway. Did you see my trailer for the half-vampire books? It moves much faster. (Just click the youtube link on the blog sidebar, and you'll go there.)