Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pardon Me While The Dust Settles On My Blog

So, mid-terms are due Monday, and I've got 3 classes' worth of essay tests to grade.  (Oh, the life of an English teacher!  Wait.  Scratch that.  We don't HAVE lives; we grade papers.)  Then next week brings us parent-teacher conferences, the single most loathsome thing about teaching, which will suck up two full evenings.  And, the most recent proof of Brigid arrived a few days ago.  While I'm happy to say that -- at half-way through the book -- I've only found ONE real error (a missing word, caused by an earlier copy-and-paste rearrangement of a sentence), I'm still smoothing things (like having the sun set an hour too early in one scene.  oops!).  I need to get this book ready ASAP!!  So every moment I'm not grading must be spent on editing.
Folks, there's just no time for blogging right now.  Really.


  1. Good luck next week, and we'll see you on the other side!

    1. That sounds so terminal. :( But thanks anyway. May your PT conference lines be shorter than mine! (That's not hard to accomplish, by the way.)

  2. Yeah, well, that's because by the end of the week I feel kind of terminal.

  3. Just finished my exam marking - and report writing - and I've survived!

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  5. Enjoy the edits, put up with the parents. The life of a teacher is never easy and the summer break rarely is one.