Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Update On Becoming Brigid (Psst.. I'm looking for people to host a cover reveal and/or book trailer reveal)

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't posted much lately.  This is because I've spent every available minute trying to get Becoming Brigid to publication.
Right now, I'm doing what I hope will be the penultimate edit.  In other words, I'm in hopes that I can finish the edit tonight or tomorrow night and get it sent off for a (pleasepleaseplease) final proof copy -- and that that proof copy will have no real errors so I can approve it for release (pleasepleaseplease).
What's in the works?
Well, I'm hoping to do a cover reveal as soon as I can verify a release date.  (I'm now hoping for October 13.)  My book trailer is very nearly finished, even though we had some set backs on that due to  the illness of our school librarian, who was going to make it for me.  I also hope to do a book trailer reveal as well.  I had a book model lined up, but she's now ignoring my e-mails, so I guess that means she changed her mind, so I'll have to drop back ten and punt on that one.  But I do have at least three contests in the works, all ready to roll for this new book, so that should be fun.  (Yes, people, I have prizes!)
So, please forgive my lack of posts for a few days until I get everything rolling here.

In the meantime, I'm still looking for people who want to do either a cover reveal (October 1 or 2) and/or a book trailer reveal (October 8 or 9) for me.  As I recall, Martin at fromsandtoglass was up for this.  Does anyone else want to volunteer before I start sending out e-mails about it?  If so, leave a comment or tweet me.

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