Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wait -- What Decade Is This?

So, this morning at 5:50 AM when I finished exercising and went to make breakfast, I discovered lovely puddles of water under the kitchen sink.
Yeah, I was 20 minutes late leaving for school today -- and very grateful I'd put 1st period's test questions on the board Tuesday evening because it would've been pretty tense this morning otherwise.

So, this afternoon, Dad and I were examining the garbage disposal to see where the leak was, but Dad can't get down on the floor anymore (OK, he can get down on the floor, but getting him back up is far from easy and not pain-free.), so I got down, stuck my head into the cabinet, and tried to describe to him what the leak was like.
He wasn't grasping what I was saying, so I found myself thinking, "Well, I could take a picture, but the screen on the back of the camera is so small; he won't be able to see what I'm talking about."
Then I remembered it was 2013.
"Dad, can you hand me the iPad, please?"
Click, Tap an app.  Add an arrow.  Hand Dad the iPad.  He uses his fingers to enlarge the part he needs to see.  Dad makes his diagnosis as to the fate of the garbage disposal.
Another few taps, and the photo is sent to our favorite handyman, so he can determine the plan from here.
Step one of solving the leak problem is complete, and Dad is not in pain from it.

After all, digital cameras are so 2007.

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