Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It Might Be Time To Replace The Thermostat

In the old days, I had an analog thermostat.  It was great.  If it ever didn't work quite right, I took the cover off, blew off the dust, snapped the cover back on, and all was well.
Then, when I was living in Scotland, my parents decided it was time for a new thermostat.  This one is digital.  And it behaves like a 7th grader.  Lately, it's been behaving like a 7th grader having a drama queen moment.

Me: Let's do 68.
Thermostat:  I like 65.
Me: It's evening.  I'm setting you to 68 to warm up the house.  You've been at 55 all day.  I want some heat.
Thermostat: OK.  65 it is.
Me: How did you turn yourself back down to 65?  I set you at 68.
Thermostat: No, you set me at 65.
Me: 68.  Here, I'll do it again.
Thermostat: 65 is better.  I'm going to do 65.

Actually, it's starting to remind me of the guard scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, now that I type it out.


  1. I love the programmable thermostats, I always forget to turn the heat down when I leave. But you're right, when they malfunction you can't do anything about it except go out and buy a new one. I like the comparison with a 7th grader!

  2. Hey Lisa!

    I remember those days of blowing dust off the thermostat and replacing the cover. We don't have one quite like that, but ours isn't digital either. It's a total pain because I can barely tell what I have it set on. I could think it's on 70, and when I start roasting realize it must be set higher than what I thought, lol!

  3. Oh my gosh, I hope you get this fixed! That would drive me batty. I think it's funny because I turn the heat down at night and up during the day.

    1. I turn it down at night, too, but I don't leave it running all day if no one's home.