Sunday, October 13, 2013

Upcoming Prizes!

Hey, folks, it's been a heck of a week for me, what with the school play and all.  But I am not through with giveaways yet!  Oh no.  Not at all.
I'm planning on doing a goodreads giveaway of Becoming Brigid in a few days.  (I've learned never to begin one on a Sunday or a Monday.)  I'd planned on doing a Free Book Friday giveaway, but those are no longer free to the author, so I may wait awhile for that.
But I'm planning on giving away more stuff here on the blog -- particularly to those souls who read and review my book (so get reading, people!).
Here's a taste of what's coming soon:

Yup, I had some tote bags made!  They make awesome library book bags.  Or school teacher stuff bags.  Or grocery bags.  Or laundry bags.  Or picnic bags.  Or -- okay, I'll shut up now.
Want to win one?  Buy Becoming Brigid, read it, review it.  Oh, and send me a photo of you with the book; that'll get you an entry, too!

A bag o'swag!  Another upcoming contest will feature some girly goodies that connect with Becoming Brigid.  First of all, it's spiffy, sparkly stuff -- in purple, to match the cover.  The bag itself is an excellent travel bag for undies or socks.  With it comes a sleep mask for tired eyes; it's filled with rice and lavender, so it smells really good.  Then there's some lip gloss.  And two items to make a girl dream of Dougal:  100 Best-Loved Poems (including several that he quotes) and some Bath and Body Works lotion called "Dark Kisses."  Yeah, THAT works for Dougal. *smirks*  Oh, and it's purple.  How convenient, right?

But, wait!  There's more!

One book-loving winner will get a spiral-bound journal (lined pages) with the beautiful cover (Thanks, Dad and Max) of Becoming Brigid on it, PLUS an altered mini-book, which includes photos of some of the real people who inspired characters, beautiful artwork of various goddess images, and, of course, the color themes from the book (notice the turquoise ribbon?).

Are you drooling yet?  Want to win when it's time?
Read the book and review it.  And send me a pic of yourself with the book.  Basically, you'll get entries for the pic, for reviewing on Amazon, for reviewing on goodreads, for reviewing on a blog.
So where can you get a copy of the book to start reading it?
Right here for a physical copy.  And right here for an e-copy.
You can also request that your local library buy a copy of the book.  That would make me very happy, too!

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