Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Very First Becoming Brigid Giveaway!

Oh yes, more will follow, my friends.  More will follow.  I have prizes!
But first, let us begin by giving away two e-copies for Kindle or Kindle apps of my new book, Becoming Brigid!

Pepper Kircy has definite plans for her future. And she thinks she knows everything about her life -- at least until she meets Dougal, a man with way too much information about a past she doesn’t remember. Suddenly, her geeky, ghost-hunting dad and her mortician neighbors aren’t quite as ordinary as they seem. But then, neither is Pepper. 

Dougal’s tempting. He quotes poetry and insists on calling Pepper by the name she never uses: Brigid. Soon, she can’t get him out of her dreams. So, in spite of all his weird talk about a missing goddess and a long-lost stone, she could really like this guy. Maybe even enough to change her precious plans. 

If he'd just stop trying to kill her....

Don't want to wait for the contest?  No problem.  Feel free to buy the book.  In fact, feel free to buy lots and lots of my books! ;)

Available as a POD at Amazon.  Click here.
The e-book is also now available.  Click here.

Spread the word.  Enter the contest.  You can enter every day if you like.  :)  On October 8, I will announce two winners.

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