Saturday, October 5, 2013

My First Book Review Of Becoming Brigid!

(Note: the photo is not of the book reviewer, who is clearly a guy.  I'm just using all the photos I have of folks reading my book to do some self-promotion -- because, for an indie author, no one else is going to do it!)

So, this morning I found that a single review has been posted on Amazon.  True, the reader only gave me 4 stars, but it's a positive review.  And it's a REVIEW!  Finally!  (Very few people buy books that don't have reviews on them.)
Here's what the reviewer has to say:

I normally don't spend much time with novels that appeal to teenage girls, but I enjoyed this one so much so much I read it twice.
Lisa Shafer has created a strong female character who has flaws but also realizes that she doesn't have to rely on the men in her life to rescue her.  The setup up of the story is so intriguing that I wanted to read more to figure out if Pepper was going crazy, being haunted by ghosts, or being tormented by something even more sinister.  During my second read, I discovered more clues that helped unravel the early mysteries of the story.

I recommend this novel for girls and young women 16 years or older.

Well, that's very nice -- except I, personally, think the book's fine for girls a touch younger (like 14).  Our school librarians have approved it to be in the library, deeming it suitable reading for 9th graders, although we're not going to promote it to the younger kids, as some parents might find it a bit too "mature."

Anyway, I'm really glad I finally got a review before the first week was out.  Unfortunately, things are moving slowly on goodreads, too: no reviews yet and only 3 people have added the book.  I guess I'd better host a giveaway there muy pronto.

But, in the meantime, you can still enter my giveaway here.

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