Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Tales Writing Inspiration Photos #1

This worked really well in October when I put up creepy cemetery pics for people to use as writing inspiration (my blog views really skyrocketed, so I know folks were interested in the photos), so let's see what happens if I put up some winter photos to spark those creative minds.
This particular set comes from yesterday, when my buddy Max and I went to Park City, Utah, to breathe smog-free air for a few hours and to take photos.  Max has much better camera equipment than I do, so you might want to drop by his post as well for awesome ski shots, but here are a few pics I chose as possible writing inspirations.

I call this one "Tethered Toddler."  I got the impression that the young man behind her was a ski instructor rather than a parent, but this photo could be the start of some great tales.  In fact, I thought of about 3 just as I took shots of her.

As I didn't have Max's telephoto lens, my snowboarders look like ants flipping over the edges of this half-pipe.  I did notice, however, that no one coming down this pipe during the entire time we took shots (about 30 minutes) was over age 15; most of them were boys of about 10 or 11.  (I suspect that once one gains the maturity to realize how easily one's neck could snap, then one stops doing this sort of thing.)  Most of these kids were pretty good.  One boy impressed a couple of older ones standing near us by doing a double flip.

Max searches for his next victim photography subject.  (Actually, he was just commenting at this point that the ice skaters nearby were rather boring subjects compared to the skiers we had been photographing.  He ended up shooting a couple of buildings instead.)  Wouldn't he make a great character in a story?  Go ahead; make something up.  :)

Happy writing!


  1. Oh great, now you're encouraging people to use me as a subject. Ahh, guess it's only fair, since I use a lot of people I don't know for photo subjects.

  2. This is so cool. I am, (seriously) going to post something yet for this. I missed your October posts, the photos were great, I just didn't get a chance to work any of them. I miss your photo fun at Carmi's TP I had fun with that. It's so strange how he has even seemed to disappear as far as comments go. Odd.

  3. As more Max's comment, all the more reason why I'm joining in, hehehe what better subject that Max!

  4. Okay as promised, here's my story. I'm sharing it with Max too, just in case he wonders why all these folks are checking out his blog! Hehehehe!

  5. I'm going to have to make time for this sort of writing activity this year...just not yet. New job and all that.