Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Tales Writing Inspiration Photos #2

This time it's a Jeep!
Not just any Jeep, but a vintage and restored WWII-era Jeep that Max and I found in the parking lot at the ski resort.

Look at this thing:

(Note: I color-enhanced the interior photo just a bit to help fend off the sun's glare.)

Someone (someone with $$$$$) has restored it to look very much like it did 60+ years ago.  Why?  How?  Where did they get it?  Where has it been kept?  Did it ever see action?  Was it in the Pacific or Europe?  Or is it in good shape because it was one that never made it out of the States?  And who owns it now?  Why did s/he buy/inherit/restore it?  Who brought it to the ski resort?  While it's good for mountains, it's not very comfortable for snow and cold weather.  The flags seem to indicate they want folks to notice it.

I have no answers to these questions.  I'm merely asking in case you need a good story starter.
Write on, people.  Write on.

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