Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Lasagna

Every year, Mom worries herself nearly sick over the food parts of the holidays.  She's really too old now to cook a traditional turkey dinner without help or wearing herself out.  And she refuses to admit that I'm over 15 and a good cook capable of cooking a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner in her stead.
The Thanksgiving problem this year was averted, as my brother kindly invited Mom and Dad to his place (out of state) for dinner, and my sister-in-law is an awesome cook.  Mom didn't have to do any of it.
But then we have Christmas.
Mom has agonized for weeks over whether or not we should go out for Christmas Eve dinner or if she should attempt a scaled-down meal.  She would not hear of my cooking a turkey.
But Dad apparently complained about going out, not wanting to face the crowds on Christmas weekend, and I had bought a whole lot of possible stuff to "just happen to cook up" for Christmas.
Finally, late on the night of Dec. 23, I convinced Mom to let me cook lasagna.
Now, quite frankly, my lasagna does take awhile to cook (cook the noodles, cook the turkey sausage, mix all the cheeses, season, thaw and squeeze the spinach all before baking -- and that's when I just use canned sauce), but the clean up is a lot less than that of a turkey dinner.
So, Christmas Eve dinner this year was lasagna.  And Mom even liked it.  :)

UPDATE:  The recipe for this can now be found here.


  1. Mmmm, looks good. I had home made pumpkin ravioli over at my little brother's house last night. Italian food on Christmas, yeah!

  2. Looks good! Hope you had a great day!!

  3. Now that's a GREAT idea.

    I did the cooking for me, the boys and my mum this year, and everyone is still alive.

  4. Glad to hear your cooking is not lethal. :)

  5. I love hearing about your parents. I can just see the two of them. It is like a weird comic strip. Not one of the laugh out loud comics, though. Your parents fit into the cute comic category.