Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game #3

Continuing this week's little game, I'm posting a third photo for your inspiration and amusement.
Here's how it works: you look at the photo and create a mini story to match it.  In the comments section, post the title and a single line of the story.  This is the flashiest of flash fiction ever, since it's incredibly short.
Here's Monday's photo.  And Tuesday's.  If you'd like to try those.

And for today, I give you this one:

My title for this piece is: The Case Of The Halloween Flamingo Terrorist
And my single line is: But the flamingo didn't move, and neither could she now.  Trapped!  They were all trapped on the floor!

Please, add yours in the comments section!  I'd be thrilled to see what you all come up with on this one.  ;)


  1. Who killed Flavio Flamingo?

    The lights flickered, and Flavio lay there dead on the floor in front of them. Seconds later, two officers burst through the door and yelled "Everyone on the floor, hands behind your heads!"

  2. Oh, that one's good! Score one for the math teacher!

  3. Title: Air Raid.
    Line: As the air raid siren blared, no one could find the Flamingo's contact lens.

  4. Title: Work Out!
    Line: Suddenly, they found themselves on the floor, weirdly synchronized with one another. The flamingo would have its exercise video -- one way or another!