Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cover Work

Today Dad and I worked on the covers for two of my upcoming releases.  I think we made some definite progress, even given the limited photo software I own.  (I've got to get the pixelmator app.)

Here's the temp cover of All in the Half-Vampire Family:

And here's how it looks now:

Since I already know what the back needs to look like, it shouldn't take Max long to get this one into form for me.  And then, seriously, I'm maybe one more revision away from getting this thing into a proof copy at Create Space.

Here's the old cover of Becoming Brigid (with lettering I never really liked):

And here's how we fixed it up today:

Much improved, don't you think?

Now, if I can just figure out how to get the back cover for Brigid to look like I want it to, then Max can set it up for the 6"x9" for me, and I'll just about be ready to start making proof copies on Create Space.

In other fantastic news, the 5th proof copy of Half-Vampire -- the replacement one for #4 where they left off 95 pages -- arrived today.  This means that over the weekend, I've got to grade papers, have academic team practice, clean the house, copy edit Half-Vampire ONE MORE TIME, revise Brigid, edit/revise HV Family, and read a galley copy of a book sent to me by an author who needs a review.  Hey, no sweat.  (NOT.)


  1. Yup, much better than the first ones, especially the font for Becoming Brigid. The new one is a lot more readable.

  2. Thanks. uh, which one?
    I did the photography and the messing with the photography on all the covers. Dad is the layout guy. :) He advised on lettering, spacing, etc.
    Of course, he is perfectly capable of doing the whole cover -- just not with a computer. :)

  3. They look great. I like how Vampire Family looks cleaned up and shiny. :). And the lettering for Brigid -- I can definitely hear the tone of voice that title should be read in. And I don't think it is because I have read the book. The artwork just speaks.

    anyway, good luck on your weekend chores. I too have a busy weekend. Did I tell you I am moving to california? Had about 2 weeks' notice, we leave in about 36 hours.

    so anyway, Happy New Year! Enjoy your busy-ness.

  4. Oh wow. Good luck on the move. Hope that means hubby got a new job!

  5. Love the covers, but the Brigid one is my fave :)

  6. I assume you mean the latest version???

  7. Writing a book is less than half the work for an indie author. You've got to be an editor, graphic designer and marketeer too.

    It's all looking good.