Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Bit Of Something Pinteresting....

Pinterest amuses me.
It's not as time-consuming as blogging or tweeting, and I pick up followers without even trying.  I really like the visual aspect of it, and it actually had become a good place to post idea-starters for my writing.
(Of course, I follow my niece with all her wedding plans and kitties, so that part is getting a little inundating for me.....)
It's no surprise that one of my most popular boards is "Just Funny," which has nothing to do with my writing, but has a very broad appeal.  (It's also been the ONLY place where I've had to delete nasty comments, as two women did NOT like the fact that I posted a pic making fun of girls who think that they're too special to prepare for the future.)  You can check out my sense of humor here.  My newest pin is of Max's blue LTD flying over the supermoon last night.  :)
Equally popular are my boards about Creating Nerissa's Style for my WIP, The (Dis)Appearance of Nerissa MacKay, whereon I pin pictures of things that look like Nerissa might wear, and my Steampunk board, which is just a general  collection, as my steampunk ideas are all very much in the earliest stages.  Both boards have 63 followers.
Coming in right behind those two is my Celtic board, where I pin things related to Becoming Brigid, which is in editing stages.  This board has pictures of places that actually inspired the story, like The Ring of Brodgar in Orkney.  There are 62 followers for this board.  C'mon over and have a look at what I've got posted.
Then, with 61 followers, is my Vampire board, with lots of fun stuff, only some of which matches either of my Half-Vampire books.  Most recently, I pinned pics of vampire hunting kits.  :)  And naturally I have photos of Johnny Depp as Barnabus Collins.  (Mmmm...)
Last night I created two more boards, one about castles (as Nerissa lives in a castle -- plus, I just freakin' love castles!), and one about eerie/cool/odd places that might be good to use as story settings at some future point.  Here's the Castles board.  And here's the Places and Spaces board.
Pay me a visit and see if anything catches your interest!


  1. I made it onto your board again? Cool!

  2. I've shied away from pinterest as I don't think I'd have the time for it. But I like the ideas of different boards so I may give it a go in the near future.