Sunday, May 13, 2012


I still have no freakin' clue how to upload a video onto a blog, but Bookshelves of Doom had this on her blog today and it needed to be shared.
Watch it and smile.
(Yeah, I know; they mispronounce JK Rowling's name.)


  1. Funny video! But I always loved that song anyway, and the movie. They have an earlier book video, I Like Big Books. Not as good, but still funny.
    I'd have to look at blogger on the Mac to see how to insert a video, but I know how to do it on my PC. Some day I'll have to come over and check it out.

  2. Cute video. And, just in case you don't notice, I updated my review on Amazon and Goodreads. I just finished my first time reading through the paper copy of the book.

    And I wanted to give you kudos for some subtleties you used. I didn't catch it while I was reading, but when I was writing the review and thinking about the ways you were trying to prove that vampirism by itself doesn't make a person evil, I realized that you had mentioned that Eric was playing around with crosses to see how he felt about them. That means he was actually holding them in his hands! So great!

  3. To put a video on the blog is (kinda) easy. Under a youtube video is abutton labelled 'share'. Click that and you'll see a set of code come up. To the right there are two buttons, embed and email. Click embed, copy the highlighted code and paste it into your blog. Done.