Friday, May 25, 2012

Photo Mysteries: A Writer's Game #20

Well, it's been a while since I've been able to play this game -- since went dark in April.  But thanks to picmonkey, I can put text on photos again, so we can try this.
Here's how it works: Carmi Levi has a fabulous blog called Written Inc.  And every week he has a photo theme.  Most participants post photos that fit the theme, but on my blog, we go one step further and at a title and a single line of a story that fits that pic and the theme.
Here's the last one we did, back in April.

So, let's try this one more time!
Carmi's chosen theme is "far from home."

Here's my photo that fits the theme:

My title: Culture Shock
My single line of a story: Zeke thought the Italians had great taste in floral arrangements, but he found their hotel beds rather cramped and stuffy.

Your turn!  Think of a story to go with the photo and theme.  Then post your title and single line in the comments section.
Have fun!


  1. Title: Teen Sleuth in Italy
    My sentence: "Told ya I could find the hidden passageway."

  2. Title: Part of the Scenery
    First Line: The best "arrangement" hovered flamboyantly in mid-air, just begging for someone to ask, "How much for that one?"

    (great WV today -- tactOh. and "undingsp" (underwear gasp)

  3. Happy to see you playing again!

    Where's Sara?
    or Sara's Smile!

    Really Zeke, you offer one of your bright blue eyes in a huge wink while your superiors shake their heads in agreement that you are so busted.