Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game #21

Okay, it's been a week of a week, and I'm a bit grumpy.  Let's do something fun to cheer me up, okay?
Carmi at Written Inc has been too busy to post his photo theme for this week, but let's do a writers' game anyway, shall we?
I've picked a photo which I think has great story possibilities.  I'm going to give my story a title and add a single line.  Then it'll be your turn.  In the comments section, you post your own titles and single lines of stories.
Here's an example from last week to give you an idea.

Here's my photo for this week's game:

Title: Kelpie's Island
Single line:  "Whatever you do," Maggie told the girls, "don't cross the path once the tide has started back in."

(Click on the pic to enlarge.)

Your turn.  Share your own titles and single lines in the comments section.
(Pssst.  Lots of sharing will cheer me up.)


  1. Anna on Goodreads posted this offering on my blog feed there:

    Beyond the tide
    The church reflected the glow of the setting sun like a beacon, drawing Lisa forward even as the incoming tide spilt tentatively across the causeway.

  2. Lovely photo.

    Riding Time

    The tide's never ending wail blew its balmy breeze warming the distant hillside, forcing beetles and wildlife, to scurry for higher ground.

  3. Title: In His Shadow

    "Dad, I'm not sure I've inherited your ability to leap great distances." Superman's son said as he wrung his clothes out for sixth time that morning.

  4. Let's clear a few things up. Yes, her name was Sally. No, she didn't sell seashells at the seashore.

  5. For Want of Caffeine

    "Oh, please let that be a Starbucks over there!"