Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game #25

Carmi at Written Inc. has a themed photo sharing that he does every week.  He chooses a theme and posts a photo to fit, then many of his readers join in, posting their own photos to fit the theme.
On my blog, however, we add a twist: I post a photo to fit the theme Carmi picks, then I add a title and a single line of a story that fits the photo.  It ends up being the shortest flash fiction ever.  Then, you, my readers, join in, putting your titles and single lines in the comments section.
Here's an example if you're new to this.  And remember; you don't have to be a writer to play; you just have to be able to write a blog comment.
Carmi's theme this week is "transportation."
Here's my photo:

My title for the story: "Time Travel"
My single line:  "This doesn't look steampunk," Sarah told Tom as he proudly showed her the time machine.  "It looks like 'junk' to me."

Your turn!  Add your titles and single lines of flash fiction in the comments section.  The more who join in, the better!  :)  You can be funny or serious.  You can choose any genre you want.


  1. Title: Road Trip
    Line: "Well, you did say we could run the car till it fell apart."

  2. It gets better gas milage than those new hybrids, and you can have it for a song!

  3. Six Million Dollar Buick
    "We can rebuild it, we have the technology."

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry. That one got too political for what a school teacher is allowed to have on a blog that is constantly watched. :)

  5. cool pic. may be nobody can drive with this now. in my post are some driving cars with people. you should see again :)

  6. BURNT OUT -

    After Isabelle viewed a photo with the remains of her blind date's last car, (and DUI issue) she declined going out with him, ever!

  7. "Let's try steaming the next tourists to come along, instead", suggested the cannibal chieftain's wife.

  8. For Sale

    But Sir it only needs a little bit of work on it.

  9. Dinosaurs

    Herbie's hopes of resting in more or less one piece faded as he saw the two cavemen approaching.