Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Vampirically Boring Weekend

Let's see.  I've spent my weekend alternating between re-reading All in the Half-Vampire Family, looking for yet more typos and over-used words, and re-reading Dracula, creating a test on it for my 9th graders (lucky souls), and finding errors in the footnoted material in the Prestwick House version (I'm not trying to do this, but there are so many glaring errors that I can't help but find them.)  And in an hour or so, I'll go to church.
Basically, I haven't put up any fascinating posts because I haven't really done anything fascinating -- or anywhere near fascinating.  In fact, it's been in a completely different county from fascinating.
You get the idea.


  1. I do, it's sounds like a ROAD TRIP is in the making....or SHOULD be!

  2. Yeah, I have cabin fever this summer. With two surgeries in 6 weeks' time, I haven't made it anywhere this summer. (Okay, one day-trip to a town 30 miles away to see my aunt and one day-trip with Max to Antelope Island. That was it. I haven't been healthy enough for anything more.