Monday, August 20, 2012


I had a great idea for a post to write tonight while I unwound after today's meetings and did laundry from my trip.
Unfortunately, while Dad and I had a look at that eterni-flushing toilet, he accidentally snapped off a major part.  We then discovered that the valve that shuts off water to the toilet is not working properly.  So, for tonight, I've had to shut off all water in the house completely.
I have plenty of water stored for drinking, but I'm not up for cooking under circumstances where I'm not sure if I can use the bathroom at all.  (When I turn the water on, there's nothing but a dribble from any other tap in the house unless I press very hard on the tab in the toilet tank, as otherwise, water rushes full-force down the toilet.)  I'm also not yet sure how I'll manage bathing.  (Haul water from outside, I suppose.  But the hose that is connected already takes water from the inside pipes.  So that means hauling out the other hose and connecting it and THEN hauling in buckets of water for bathing. I'm not sure that's wise with my back injuries.)
I'm running on 2 Cokes and 4 1/2 hours of sleep + emotional overload from the trip.
This means I burst into tears over a stupid running toilet.  And that made Dad feel bad, so I felt guilty and cried more.
This is so not productive.

At any rate, you are not getting a funny, happy post about my photo safari into the wilds of a pedicure palace.  Instead, you've just read my whining about a broken toilet.

Happy Monday.


  1. You've reminded me that I need to replace the downstairs toilet in the house. Two down, one to go...such fun!

  2. Yuck.

    You're not having a good year so far. I hope it improves.