Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Steampunk Creations For Tonight

I've been working up ideas for chapter one of The Chocolate Smuggler's Notebook and writing a bit of the same.  (It's a bit tough to stay in character, telling the story in a 19th century style, and not talking like a teenager, like I normally narrate my books.  And also, I keep wanting someone to speak Scots, but that doesn't fit in this book! -- At least not that I know of yet.)
So tonight I have created an air caravan/steampunk airship and a cocoa den --  modeled after an opium den.  Oh, and a steampunk crank lock as well!
*giggles*  This has been fun!
Okay, I've only got a few hundred words of actual writing done, but I've got lots and lots of notes!


  1. A cocoa den, love it! Getting better and better.

    1. Well, it is about a chocolate smuggler, after all! There has to be someplace that's secret and illegal for there to be a market for smuggled chocolate. :)

  2. The creative juices are flowing well! Perhaps the cocoa den will require some real-life research and experimentation?